Meet Victoria’s Recovery Journey

(in a nutshell)

How AiR Supported me

I first picked up substances at 13 years old, I later learned that when I lost my Mum earlier that year, I wanted to change how I felt.  That feeling was grief, unfortunately I felt I had nobody I could turn too and slowly my life began to spin out of control.  One substance led from one to another before I new it I was on a methadone prescription at the age of just 18.

I was caught up in the horrendous cycle of bad decisions, relationship breakdowns, psychotic episodes, police cells and generally I become so ill I was unrecognisable.  I always wanted to get better and time after time I would try without success, I was one of these people who would say there was no help there, my existence become isolated, and I had to sense of right and wrong.  I had hit my rock bottom and found my way through Alcohol & Drugs Actions doors, basically on my hands and knees begging for help.  They suggested Aberdeen In Recovery and was taken to AIR by a volunteer.

I was now age 38, I finally felt I was being taken seriously about wanting to change and was introduced to a structured timetable.  This gave me routine and a sense of belonging with like minded people who also wanted to be a better version of themselves.  I slowly started reducing my prescribed medication, working on myself and learning tools to help me on my journey of recovery.

I sit here now age 40 and feel overwhelmingly proud of how far I have come.  I have healthy relationships, am an active volunteer for several different organisations and am almost finished my first year studying Health and Social Care at NESCOL.  Wow even writing that sentence inspires me to keep working on myself, to keep taking part in recovery meetings and most importantly staying connected.

I am not saying it was easy, far from it, it was extremely hard, some days it still is hard but so worth it.  The possibilities recovery has given me is amazing, I now look forward to wakening up in a morning instead of hiding in isolation.



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