Recovery is a fact

How can we make this statement?
Because it is our Truth and Lived Experience.

Who are AiR?

Aberdeen in recovery (AiR) as an organisation and its members do not proffer to provide formal service or support for individuals. Rather we are blossoming Recovery Community of activists who are willing to share of their recovery experience that they may offer a peer example to others who may be looking to embark on a journey of change .

To be a bridge from “dependence” to “independence” for the individual seeking recovery from problematic substance use and addictive behaviours.
A society which Celebrates Visible Recovery and accepts its responsibility to participate by identifying solutions to the conditions in which addiction thrives.
The relief of the needs of those seeking to recover from addiction, their families and friends, and in furtherance of this by; 1. Promoting the availability of support and resources of all kinds. 2. Working in partnership with other bodies to achieve these purposes.

Joint Airtime Projects


Recovery on Air

Weekly broadcast on SHMU 99.8FM Community radio, 2-3pm every Thursday.

We are always looking for new interviewees, to promote their mental/physical health organisations and recovery groups.  If you would like any more information about our social media/radio information, or would like to be involved please contact

You can also listen to podcast versions of previous shows on our YouTube channel – Aberdeen In Recovery

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Recovery Matters

Issue 1 Autumn 2017
Issue 2 Spring 2018
Issue 3 Summer 2018
Issue 4 Spring 2019
Issue 5 Summer 2019
Issue 6 Spring 2020
Issue 7 Summer/Autumn 2020

Recovery focused magazine created by our members, published regularly throughout the year.  We always look out for updated details for our extensive contact list –

We are looking for new stories for social media, magazine, radio and more so please contact us at with any content or queries.

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Recovery in Action

Attending Events in the Local and National Recovery Calander, representing AiR at events throughout the area.  For further information please contact

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