ORT Recovery&ME monthly workshop – Sat 1st Feb 2020


The first of the monthly 2020 ORT Recovery&ME workshops, Sat 1st Feb, 11:00-13:00, Air community rooms@Elim church.
We would love to see you there – let us know your intention to attend at the above link or 07936008808, chair@aberdeeninrecovery.org or info@aberdeeninrecovery.org

Chair of AiR and ORT Recovery&ME lead Linda Algie, with ORT facilitators will be running monthly workshops in 2020, the first is on Saturday 1st Feb 2020, 11:00-13:00, AiR community rooms – this will be run to benefit everyone at any level of ORT use, and at any stage.  As well as running the ‘detox preparation workshop group’ it will incorporate a ‘detox progress workshop group’ for those already reducing.  This will be coupled with a full package of: Recovery Indicators Questionnaire’, ‘detox prep or progress sheet’, ‘Recovery Plan’, ‘Recovery Dimensions – supportive relationships’, ‘Weekly Planner’, ‘Weekly recovery activity checklist’ and finally the ‘STOPP worksheet, whenever needed’.  Note these sessions are run by Linda, supported by fellow lived experience ORT facilitators – but with the option of an invited clinician/services/pharmacist member to attend every month to learn and offer the professional standpoint and assistance.
Options included in the workshops could be running Naloxone training sessions – Linda and some of the ORT/AiR team are a part of the ADA/SUF Naloxone Training team.  This is an exciting time and 2020 will be a year of great vision and clarity!!

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