“PADS” (Partnership for Action on Drugs in Scotland), “Recoverists” and the Way Forward

Ambassador members of AiR along with another 250 “Recoverists” attended the recent Partnership for Action on Drugs in Scotland (PADS) Communities Sub Group second national gathering of recovery communities on November 9th at, “The Bridge” in Easterhouse in Glasgow. The aim of this event was to bring together activists in recovery from addiction as well as family members affected by the addictive behaviour of a loved one, mental health recovery and grass root community groups from all over Scotland.

The purpose of this second national gathering was to pose the question, “How can we create more flourishing communities in Scotland? and for representatives from Lived Experience Community Groups from all over Scotland to share their successes and failures and for all to learn and develop from that shared knowledge and examples.

During the event there were workshops availed to all in attendance offering visual, interactive and participatory ideas and models that have proven to be useful tools when utilised within and by community groups to identify individual members assets, ideas and inspirations as to the specific needs and ambitions of gathered individuals and to assist a collaborative ethos to be developed and cohesion in group dynamic and aspiration.

Those attending were asked for their views, input and feedback from all three workshops which was gathered at the end of the day and will be collated, and the findings published in a later report.

There were also four presentations which detailed the immense benefit of support being delivered from within and the importance of being connected through a community and from four differing settings and approaches


  • The ground breaking, world recognised and applauded “San Patrignano” Community Recovery Project in Italy which was established in the 1980’s
  • Recently established “The River Garden, Auchincruive” long term residential addiction Recovery Village in Ayrshire which follows and has adopted much of the San Patrignano model
  • “Soberistas” A worldwide online community of individuals helping each other to, ‘Kick the habit and stay sober”.
  • And “Inspirado” a new board game which was developed by and for people recovering from addiction


The audience were also greatly entertained and moved by two spoken word artists who through the form of poetry expressed the trauma and triumphs of their lived and living experience.

All in all the event provide a wonderful opportunity for “Recoverists” young and old. As well as stakeholders, legislators, professionals and decision makers to get together and listen and learn from each other.

(N.B. If your intrigued by the title, “Recoverists”, used in the above check out this link https://recoverist.net/ where you can find out more and join the Recoverists Network).


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