Recovery is Possible

From our creation back in 2012 as a steering group we have continued to grow.

We had our first event in October 2012, where we had in the region of 130 people in attendance, highlighting services in our community, offering complementary therapies, on-line recovery groups and a conversation cafe.Following the event we came to the understanding that with the enthusiasm and interest generated we required more events.

Air Membership Roles

AiR Membership is open to any and all individuals who have had actual experience of active addiction personally, as well as those who have been affected by a loved ones behaviours, and who are now in a place where they seek, have embarked on and or are actively involved in a, “Journey of Discovery” and have a heartfelt goal of establishing changes and initiating recovery as a reality in their lives.

Air Community Rooms @ Elm Church

Our program of events will be available on a weekly rolling program and be delivered from Air Community Rooms @ Elim Chuch in Aberdeen Town Centre. We have been graciously availed the use of four large rooms on the ground floor of the church. These will be facilitated, delivered and managed in the main by our Activist and Ambassador memebers.